Shoutouts: Happy Father´s Day!!!! Love you Dad
Happy Birthday Elaina!! You´re awesome
Happy Birthday Breeanna!! You´re old!!! Nah you´re still cute ^_^
So another week has gone by. I´m very glad to hear from you all. So you will be interested to know that I am in the same boat as you health wise. I can´t talk. ^_^ I have not been able to talk for two days. The doctor said that it´s just a virus and that it should be done in another 3 or 5 days. It´s really hard to be a missionary when you can´t talk. We´re doing ok, though. Got a blessing yesterday so we will see what happens.
We just had zone conference and we got mail. Thank you sooooo much for the package. I have been using the thermals already and I took out about 50 dollars from my account today. I got sick almost as soon as I got the package, so sadly we have not eaten the chocolate yet. We are very excited for it. We also have all the ingredients for texas sheet cake and Hermana Milmont has never had it. I hope she likes it. It is getting cold here (except for today) and I am looking for a good pair of gloves. My ski gloves are not practical for up north. They would be good in the south, but here, they aren´t the best. I´ll keep my eyes open.
Transfers are coming up in two weeks and we have no idea what will be happening. This transfer is a real wild card. Hermana Milmont has 3 transfers left but has already been here for 3 transfers. The thing is, I´ve already been here for five. We are interested to see what happens. Everytime we bring up tranfers, though, everyone (investigators and memebers) say that they will pray so that we don´t leave. ^_^ I really do love this area and the people in it. It´s hard, though. There isn´t really any new news. We still have two investigators and they are still waiting for legal things to be worked through. They are progressing, though, and we are very excited to be working with them. Our leaders are working hard to help the missionary work here and we are focusing our efforts on working with them.
Right now, we are supposed to almost be in Helaman. I can´t believe how close and how far the temple opening is. I´m very excited to see if we get to go at any point. I also can´t believe how time works on the mission. I have come so far as a person and as a missionary, but still have a veeeeeeeeery long way to go. I reach my halfway mark in two weeks (end of transfer) and I still remember my first week in the field very clearly. It´s been another rough week, but I wouldn´t trade the mission for the world. I need to push even harder every day and I am working towards worthy goals. I have not been reading in my spanish Book of Mormon, or writing in my journal every day, but I am keeping up with the mission goal of reading in the Book of Mormon. I´m happy to hear that you all are reading too. I hope that you are reading together. How are your goals coming?
So the family history meeting was just an introduction for the couple and I will be showing them how to use the different computer systems the 23rd of June. I am very grateful for the Holy Ghost. He truly brings all things into remembrance in the very moment that you need them. I´m still going to do my part, but I know that he will help me. I´ve been thinking of all the stories and recipes I have not received from Grandma Houston and Grandma Alvey because I failed to take the time. Please take the time for yourselves. I love family history, not just geneaology. It´s more than dates, it´s stories and traditions. I would encourage everyone to seek for the spirit of Elijah. It has made such a difference in the lives of the members here who have received it. With the temple opening soon, the spirit is even stronger.
Oh, Anthony, I believe that you are going to the same mission as my friend Amanda Blake. She is in the Atlanta, Georgia english speaking mission. I really am so excited for you. Enjoy every moment, because it all counts and will enrich your life forever.
I still haven´t heard if you´ve received some of my questions (because occassionally I put them in seperate emails) so I will write them really fast.
Do you know if Larry Bagley has a cousin that lives in Wyoming?
Were you able to send the other package? If not, can you send the Conference edition of the ensign from this last conference?
Did you hear from Gonzalo?
How did the graduation go?
Can you put the pictures from my church history tour onto a disc? I don´t know where the card is and I was hoping for a backup in case the computer crashes.
Thank you soooo much for updating me on the family. I am very grateful to receive letters from all of you. I love you all so much and I´ll talk to you soon. (Sorry for all the questions.)
Hermana Alvey