So it´s my first week in the North and it´s hot. Hermana Vargas is amazing. She´s from Guatemala and is 23 years old. (Her birthday is December 12). She returns home December 10th. She has two sisters and all of them are converts.  She loves being here on the mission. She is very intelligent and loves to learn. She is very nice and supportive. She´s a good listener and has many wonderful ideas. Something she told me recently that when a missionary ends, they and their companion get to do a session in the temple. Can you imagine? We get to do a session in the temple in a month!!

We are starting from the beginning. We haven´t had any investigators until yesterday and we are very excited to help this area move forward; to receive the vision the Lord has for this area and His children. The ward here (yes it is a ward) has an attendance of about 130 people. Something that might interest you is that there is a family that used to live in Las Vegas for a few years. The father was on the High Counsel for a while. They remember Aunt Gai the most because she´s always in the library, but they remember the rest of the family, too. They are Family Curbello, the wife and all the children have red, red hair.

So I didn´t know that this computer in on a timer, so I have even less time to write now.

We have been doing a lot of walking, but it´s nice to finally take a bus once in a while. We live in one apartment with other sister missionaries of the ward: Hermana Kapp (from Utah) and Hermana Lobos (from Chile). The apartment is new, for us anyway, and very clean. it´s a nice change to have working doors. Nobody in this mission has a car except for the assistants and President Gulbrandsen. Hermana Vargas´ hija, Hermana Lind, replaced me in Rio Gallegos and I replaced her here in Villa Urquiza. The mosquitos have not bothered me yet. I´m hoping that my body has adjusted to Argentina and they don´t want to eat me anymore. We´ll see what happens.

Well, I hope to have more to write the week to come. With Elder Alvey, I highly recommend reading James 2: 17-26 and ponder on it. I have learned a lot from my studies today of these scriptures.

I love you all sooooooo much.
Talk to you soon.

Hermana Alvey