Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So it´s been a fun little week. Friday was a very rainy day. I realized, this day, that I had forgotten how much it really rains here. We left to wish a member happy birthday and it was just sprinkling. We then went to a supermarket to buy something for breakfast, and when we left, there was a fast moving river in the street. We couldn´t believe it. We were very unprepared. I remembered enough to bring an umbrella, but that didn´t do anything for our feet. The amount of rain and the slight wind that there was completely drenched us from top to bottom. When we arrived at our lunch appointment, the member kindly let us borrow her clothes and she put our clothes in a spinner to take out as much water as possible. The idea of this machine is like the device you put lettuce in and crank with your hands to air dry it. About a liter of water left the clothes of Hermana Vargas. I was wearing my button up shirt and jean-like skirt so not a lot of water left from my clothes. It was really fun. We got drenched again, of course, but all in all it was a good day.

So we made Ñoquis (a type of pasta made out of potatoes) with the elders and we just barely got here to do internet. P-day ends at six so I´m really trying to type fast here.

Yes, with the change in climate between here and Rio Gallegos, I finally got sick. Today I woke up with a chest cold. I´m hoping that it´s a 24 hour bug because my chest and throat hurt.

Another thing that was nice this week was a surprise birthday party/ FHE for a recent convert named Romina. She just turned twelve and is so excited to do baptisms for the dead. She is absolutely adorable and was just baptized 6 months ago. She is the only member in her family but is very faithful. The family where we had family home evening had forgotten, and also didn´t even know that it was her birthday. In 15 minutes (without her knowing) they had made a cake and wrapped up a present to give her. It was amazing. I don´t know how they did it. They have such big hearts.

I´m very excited for all who a working to go on a mission. It is a once in a life time opportunity. There is so much that you learn and do, but never forget the sacredness of your calling. This is the Lord´s time and resources. When you sign that letter saying that you accept the calling, you covenant with the Lord that you will consecrate everything to Him: your mind,  your heart, your will, your time, everything. In return, you grow and change more than you can imagine. You are better prepared to face life and be better mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. You learn who you really are and the hidden talents that the Lord has blessed you with. You learn how to develop more talents and rely on His Spirit. You learn how to receive revelation and grow spiritually. Your families are blessed more than you can imagine. There will be difficult times, but you will still be happy just as Alma, Ammon, and Nephi. Honestly pray for charity every day. Keep a journal every day. Look for the small everyday blessings. Pray for the vision of your area. Pray that the Lord will mold you to be who He wants and knows that you can be.

I´m sorry that I can´t answer all your questions. I appreciate so much your testimonies and questions. I promise to answer all next week. I love you all sooooo much.

Hermana Alvey

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