Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First, here are some pictures of the open house. Our apartment on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning. The blond one is Hermana Sperry, and the one with short brown hair is Hermana Bray. We definitely have fun in our apartment.
One of the American families in the ward invited us over for dinner Christmas Eve. It was so much fun and the food was delicious. We had roast beef, salad, potatoes and gravey, and cake for dessert. The children of the family put on a Nativity play. It was so funny. They tried really hard, but the parents were not helping. The presents from the 3 kings was a history game so the dad that was narrating said ¨gold, frankinsense, and a game box. Nobody knows what myrrh is anyway¨ It was hilarious. That is an example of how most of the night went. We enjoyed every bit of it. One of the children had a zuu zuu pet (don´t know if you know what that is) and it entertained all the adults present including the four missionaries. We definitely had fun.
Today, we are doing a secret santa with our whole district. I have Elder......Guichenau I believe is how you spell it. He is from Chile and very nice. All of our elders are amazing. Hermana Reed and Hermana Bray were together last p-day and told us the funniest story. I guess they had made fudge and had put it in the fridge to set up. They came down the hallway and find Elder Leon (our district leader) and Elder Halls eating the fudge before it has set up. Their faces were like in the movies when a child is caught with their hand in the cookie jar. I wish I could have shown you their faces. Elder Halls dropped the spoon and ran into the corner as if he wasn´t involved. I wish I could have seen it.
We had a party for the entire mission thanks to President and Sister Gulbrandsen. We had a white elephant and I got a bon o bon. It´s very similar to Grandma Alvey´s peanut butter balls. I was sooo happy. We also received a poster with the picture of every missionary in the mission right now. We also got a temple recommend holder with a picture of the Buenos Aires Temple saying ¨Buenos Aires Norte Misión¨. It´s really pretty; and on the back is a scripture and ¨From President and Sister Gulbrandsen¨. It´s been a fun Christmas. Also, after our chat, Hermana Reed and I went and spoke with Daniel (the security guard). He has so many questions about the gospel and loves to learn. He was just introduced to Joseph Smith´s story and watched a clip from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I wish that General Conference was soon. I know that he would love it. I´m so excited for him. I feel bad for Carlos (Testigo Jehovah). His old church is hasselling him for leaving them and meeting with us. He called us last night to ask if we could meet where they couldn´t see us. He is so amazing to want to still meet with us even though he is already receiving hard times. I´m very excited for the investigators we have right now.
Well, I should probably go. I love you all so much. I´ll talk to you soon!!!
Hermana Jessica Alvey

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