Thursday, January 19, 2012


First of all, thank you so much for the pictures last week and this
week. They were awesome. Also, thank you for the recipes and the
stories. They are going to help so much. Second, I´m letting you know
that I used about 25.00 out of my account. It is for allegra and an
antibiotic. I´m fine. The allegra is for my reactions to the mosquito
bites and the other day I got bit by something else (which is what the
antibiotic is for). It was either something poisonous or now the bite
is infected (no I did not scratch it and I washed it every day and put
on neosporin). I´m fine though, just got to keep an eye on both of the

So now, how are things are going. Well I have some good news about Carlos.
We had an appointment with him two days ago and we were going to let
him know that if he had no intention of progressing to baptism, we
could not stop by anymore. Before we even brought that up, he told us
that he still wanted to get baptized but didn´t know when. We were so
excited. He truly wants to do what is right and knows the Book of
Mormon is true. He is just scared that he would be going against
Jehovah if he changed religions and he has been a Jehovah´s witness
for 35yrs. That´s a long time to just give something up cold turkey.
We are praying for him everyday and trying to have some form of
contact with him every day.

Daniel was awesome. We did not really get to have a sit down
discussion with him, but he wants to send us a picture of him in front
of the chapel in Peru when he gets there. He leaves tomorrow. I truly
believe that he will attend church in Peru and will want to get
baptized when he gets back. He has kept all his commitments, has
wonderful questions, and tries very hard. We had a wonderful
experience this week as well. I love that guard post, it just attracts
all the super prepared people. First was the other Daniel who accepted
a baptismal date right off the bat and was eager to talk to the
missionaries and go to church. Then we found Daniel (our actual
reference) who I just talked about, and the other day when we were
looking for the first Daniel we met Daniel´s replacement. (Yes I know
that that is a lot of Daniels) Luckily this third gentlemen´s name is
Luis. He read all of the pamphlets that we had left. He even knew our
names and what time we had sacrament meeting. He loved them and wanted
to learn more. It turns out that his daughter, two years ago at age
14, was baptized a member. The missionaries are coming to his house to
reactivate her and he wants to learn more. He even said that he was
very grateful that we stopped by and he was feeling cleaner already.
He´s a cancer survivor as well. What awesome miracles we see.

Speaking of which, this sunday, we had two menos activos come to
church. It was so exciting. We did not expect any of them to come and
we had 2. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see them come back to
church. They looked so happy and blessed. It was a wonderful feeling.
I am working even harder now to bring them back. This is a wonderful
part of missionary work that I had not thought about, but I am very
glad to be a part of it.

So, our district is back to it´s original areas and things have pretty
much gone back to the way they were before with our wonderful district
leader and his crazy companion. I also found out that one of our zone
leaders loves kingdom hearts. He had found out that I did and had
asked me about it. I was very surprised.

Thursday, we had interviews with President and I received some
interesting advice. The basic gist of it was to be annoying and take
pictures of spiders. Let me explain the second one first. I had found
a pretty big spider in the bathroom and killed it. I then went back to
pick it up with tissue and it came back to life and ran away. I was
totally freaked out that it had played possum. Luckily, Hermana Reed
went in, found it, and killed it. I told President of that little
morning experience for fun and he said: ¨Did you take a picture?¨ Of
course I said no and he said that I should next time. I had then told
him that I did not like tracting (which was brought up by an activity
that we would be doing the next day) , but would be willing to do what
the Lord wants. I wanted some advice on how to handle it better. He
ended up telling me that we need to be annoying like the parable of
the woman and the unjust judge. I asked where the line was between
stalker and annoying ( because I don´t want to be a stalker) and he
said: ¨There isn´t one; you need to be both.¨ I love my president.

Then on to Friday. We went into our district leader´s area to help
open the other half of his area because it was so big. So that means
knocking doors and talking to people in the street. The people were so
wonderful and one of them even invited herself to church that weekend.
It was awesome!! We´ll see what happens this friday. Well, we don´t
have much time to write today, so I´ll talk to all of you later.

I love you all sooooooooooo much!!! Please don´t forget that I pray
for you everyday and can feel your prayers everyday. Pictures will
have to come next time.


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