Monday, January 30, 2012


Happy Birthday Mom!!! Hope it´s wonderful.

First of all, thank you sooooo much for the packages. I actually got
them this last wednesday. My roommates and I were so happy. You´ll be
happy to know that I love the card. I open it up and it started
vibrating on me!! It scared me, but I died laughing when I realized
what it was. Thank you! I also received a couple letters and a post
card from Randy and Ann. Thank you all very much for all the letters!!
The packages and the letters really made my week. I can´t thank you

So as you can probably see from the other email (if it went through),
we got our new apartment. One of the church workers came today and
took our stuff to the new apartment. We have not been there yet, but
we are hoping everything is in order like the office said. It´s a nice
little apartment and only 2-3 blocks from the chapel. It´s going to be
a lot easier now, because now we are in our area and don´t have to
travel as far to get to our investigators.

Yesterday was wonderful. We had two investigators at church and three
really menos activos (less active) come as well. It was amazing to see their happy
faces and they had such joy because they were at church. I think
that´s made me the happiest is going after those who have strayed and
helping them come home again. I´m still very excited about our
investigators as well. I don´t recall if I told you about Monica. She
is an 11year old girl who recently moved here with her family from
Paraguay. She is the cutest, sweetest girl. She is so excited to come
to church and to read from the Book of Mormon. She has a baptismal
date for 10 de Feb. Her parents have given their consent for her
baptism and her mother has expressed desires to be baptized as well.
She had received the discussions about 6 months ago, but she got a new
job that took a lot of her time. She had to stop the discussions, but
still has had the desires. We are trying to work with her schedule and
are hoping that we can get a phone number for them soon.

We have such an amazing ward here. They are just some of the kindest
people you will meet anywhere. Each of the menos activos and
investigators had someone to greet them and sit with them. This made
such a difference for all of them, because they knew that they were
cared for and missed. I have seen such progress and growth in this
ward in the short two months that I have been here. They are trying so
hard and are becoming more involved and excited about the missionary

We had a training meeting this last wednesday (which was where Elder
León talked about the hot dogs and I received my mail). On our way to
the last one, we had an issue with the train. This time, the train´s
power went out and we thought that we would have to run again to get
to the meeting on time. Luckily it was fine a minute later.

Well, I need to go, but I hope that your week goes well and I pray for
you every day. I love you all sooooooo much. I´ll talk to you soon.


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