I just got back from playing fútbol with my district and I am exhausted. It´s pretty hot and humid right now too. I am getting better at fútbol, but I also got hit in the face again....by the same person. ^_^ Oh well. It was a lot of fun. We also had cake because Elder Witherspoon (aka Elder WinniePooh, our zone leader) and Hermana Bray are going home this coming monday. It´s so hard to belive that I have been here for 3 months and on my mission for 5. It´s been fast and intense.
Monica was not able to be baptized yesterday. Through no fault of her own, she missed sacrament meeting and before an investigator can be baptized, they need to attend sacrament meeting 3 times. We are hoping that this extra time will help her parents realize that this is something important to her. She is an awesome wonderful girl. Right now, her parents are saying that she can do whatever she wants, but they don´t want to talk to us. It was hard getting a signature for her baptism. We still have hope, but it´s been a tiring week because it was a week before a baptism.
I thought I updated you on Carlos. We had to stop visiting him. He said that he will never be baptized even though he knows the Book of Mormon is true. He doesn´t feel like he can change and we´ve tried helping him in every way. For now, we pray for him and hope that he is still reading the Book of Mormon.
I realize that I forgot to answer a couple of your questions last time. We use internet at a place called a locutorio. It just a small place you go to use phones, internet, and make photocopies. It´s pretty much like a more updated corner store. It even has candy. Yes, the chocolate in the package had softened, but had not melted. The Young Women´s manual in english is perfect. Thank you soooo much for everything.
Saturday was interesting. One of our investigators came back from vacations and so we went and visited him. His name is Didier. He is nine years old and is part of a part member family. He is a very mature 9 year old, but when he doesn´t want to do something he is difficult. He is a good kid and saturday wanted to show us one of the movies he rented. It was Pokémon Heroes. I started talking to him about pokémon (after the lesson of course) and he was thrilled that I knew the names of a lot of pokémon and their evolutions. He is so excited to talk to me now and is facinated by the idea that I like talking about the Gospel more than pokémon. We areso excited that he is more willing to listen to us. I know it´s odd, but this experience really shows me that the Lord is mindful of us and our talents. I am probably one of the very few sister missionaries here that can talk about pokémon with any excitement and there are only sister missionaries in Vicente López. I never thought I would be using pokémon on my mission. Of course I focus on the Gospel, but it´s wonderful that we found a way for him to be more comfortable with us and want to listen.
We have a new couple: Juan Carlos and Terecita. They are probably 70-71. We have not had a chance to speak with Terecita again, but she is reading; according to her husband. We have talked to him a couple times and he has read the introduction. It´s an interesting situation. He loves pulling Hermana Reed´s leg and teases us (especially her) about being ¨Yankees¨. He told us that if we try to commit him to anything, even a time to pass by, he will just get mad/offended and not want to listen to us because ¨His time is his time and our time is our time.¨ We´re working hard. His wife loves reading and says that she will read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. She read 4 pages the first day. We shall see what happens.
Our new ward mission leader is amazing! We had a meeting with him this last wednesday and he is very willing to fulfill his calling to his best. He wanted to know everything about each investigator, where we were with them, how we were finding people, where we needed help, etc. This last sunday we finally had a ward cousel meeting and he stood up for the missionaries and we were able to express to the ward counsel our concerns and needs. We are very excited to see where things go from here. I did like our last ward mission leader and am sad that he is less active, but it was hard doing everything. Hermano Hales is calling people, following up with baptismal preparations, and everything.
I appreciate your letters soooo much. They bring me such joy and help. It´s been really rough. I am struggling with confidence, contacting/talking to people in the street, making decisions, and teaching effectively. I am enjoying my time and am so grateful to be here. I´m just going through a rough spot right now and am trying not to listen to the adversary. It helps me to hear from you that you are praying for me and love me. Thank you.
I love you all soooooo much. I´ll talk to you soon!!!