Monday, March 5, 2012

So another week has gone by. Wow, time sure moves fast. So here are some pictures that I promised to send. The first is of a baptism from the other Hermanas. On the left is our ward mission leader: Hermano Hales. Next to him is Angel; he was so excited. Last is his little sister who was there to support him. It really was an amazing experience. The next picture is of me and Hermana Milmont. Yes, I did cut my hair. I like it, and it helps in this weather. It´s also more healthy.
It was a nice simple week. We started an English class for saturdays in the church and I think it went great. We had 1 investigator, 1 menos activo, 1 recent convert, and 1 missionary all learning. We are so worried that we won´t be good teachers, but we saw the Lord make up the difference. We will see what happens next week. The investigator actually had questions about the Book of Mormon that he will talk to us about next week.
In church yesterday, we had 4 menos activos and 2 investigators. Now all we have to do is get the investigators to come to sacrament meeting instead of just the classes. We were so happy, though, to see all those menos activos. One of them even got up and bore his testimony. It was amazing. Bishop interviewed all of them right on the spot, and two of them will be receiving the priesthood next week.
Things here have truly been moving forward. We need new investigators, but the work is moving forward here and I know that God is pleased. I am so excited for everyone who is preparing or thinking about going on a mission. I´m not going to lie and say it´s easy, but it is worth it. You work hard for an entire week for that one moment that brings greater joy than you can ever imagine. My heart wanted to burst when I saw our menos activo stand up and bear his testimony even though he was scared and had doubts. When I realized this last week that I was a mouthpiece for the Lord. I did not have the words, but He put them into my mouth and I felt the Spirit stronger than I ever have before. Will there be disappointments? Yes. Will you want to give up and cry? Yes. The thing is that all those things are drowned out by the joy you feel in the Lord´s work. I know it´s cliche and I´m not trying to discourage anyone, but you could not feel this much joy without knowing it´s opposite. It truly is the hardest and the best two years (or 18 months) of your life.
I love you all so much. Your letters mean so much to me and help me a lot. Keep moving forward. Go to the temple. I cannot stress that enough. Go together and the blessing will overflow. With all the love I posess, I invite you to go, because I want you to feel the joy I know is there. I will talk to you soon. Stay strong, stay safe.
Hermana Alvey

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