This is the June 18, 2012 post

How´s everything going? Things here are moving along, especially with transfers this coming weekend. We have a lot to do right now. So some interesting news: the missionaries are having a hard time getting visas so we have missionaries leaving and almost nobody coming in. Because of that, we are now having to spread missionaries out further. The elders that were with us in Vicente López are now in other areas and we have the entire area to ourself again since wednesday. We are excited to start again, but it´s going to be hard. Our area is huge. The Lord would not give us something that we could not handle.
I´m hoping that my voice will come back soon. We have too much to do and I have been without it for over a week now.
We just got back from having helado with the elders. It wasn´t the best, but it was good to spend time with them before transfers. We are so excited for the temple to open. We just found out who is going to be here: President Eyring, Elder Ballard, Elder Christofferson, and a member of the Seventy (I can´t remember which). We really hope that we will be able to go. It´s so amazing to be here at this time with the temple so close to opening.
I have not received pictures of Benjamin´s graduation or answers, but I know that you are busy right now. It sounds like the trip is going rough; I´m sorry about that. I hope that it goes better. Congratulations to Jennifer and best wishes to Alice.
We are still working with the less actives and the new converts and we are working towards finding new investigators. We are struggling a lot with finding, but we still move forward with the promise that we will find with these families.
I bought a new note book and pen this week and had to write, so in church yesterday, I wrote some things that I have been thinking about for a long time. It´s not finished, but I´ll send you what I already have.
¨I´ve never been so tired in my life; spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. In times like thse you learn a lot of things.
1. How deep your well of faith and testimony is.
- It´s times when you feel like you have no more to give htat you find you still have more. When you´re most tired, that´s when the adversary attacks you the hardest, telling you that ´You´re wrong. You don´t really know.´ If you don´t have a sure foundation of faith in Christ, you will fall.
2. You grow closer to God.
- If you turn to God in these times of trial you can grow closer than ever before. It depends on if you turn to Him or not. He´s always waiting. When it seems like you have nothing and you have nowhere to turn, when you want to give up, He is still there waiting for you. He is constant and never changes. As much as you love your friends and family, they won´t be there always; but He will. If you offer Him that broken heart with all your cares and worries, you will draw closer to Him and He will heal the hurt and help you become stronger.
3. You find out how strong you are and what you are capable of doing.
- Until you are stretched, how do you know how far you can stretch? Until you keep stretching further and further, how do you know your potential? We are called to do hard things, but we are promised that we will not be tested above our ability to resist. The Lord knows what we can do; we need to find out what we can do. The key is to look for His hand and His help. Somthing that will help is looking for the small everyday blessings and expressing gratitude for the tender mercies of the Lord. A grateful heart is a happy heart.
4. You treasure up the Word.
- We talk with our Heavenly Father through prayer, and he often talks with us through scripture. Elder Scott taught that memorized scriptures and hymns can be wondeful friends and counselors in times of difficulty. We are also promised many blessings from treasuring up the Word. In the very hour, you will be given that portion which shall be meted unto every man. You shall be able to teach with power and authority. You shall not be confounded before men. There are many more promises given and God does not lie. There is much counsel and consolation in the scriptures, again, it depends on if you turn to them or not.
5. What exactly is a broken heart and a contrite spirit.¨
And that was as far as I got, but I hope this helps you think some. I have to go, but I want you all to know that I love you and am grateful for all your support and love. Stay safe. Mom, please go to the doctor. Dad, please don´t stress. I love you sooooo much. I´ll talk to you all soon.
Hermana Alvey