Monday, July 2, 2012

This post was from June 25, 2012


So, yes, transfers were yesterday. I was not transferred yesterday. I was transferred last thursday. I have been in Rio Gallegos for 4 days with my new companion Hermana Alfarro and her old companion Hermana Lobos. Hermana Lobos just left on the plane back up north to a zone called Zaratte. Yes, I have now officially made it to the south. ^_^

It´s pretty cold here. It´s kind of like a colder Vegas. It looks like a desert, has a lot of wind, but is a dry freeze. I like it. Hermana Alfarro is from Chile and so is Hermana Lobos. I´m excited to work with her.

So I am living in my thermals right now until I grow accustomed to the weather. Yesterday was a warmer day. It got up to 32 degrees.

Just so you know, we don´t get visits very often from the north so I probably won´t get my mail for another 3 months or when I go back up to the north, which means I may miss the open house of the temple. I was so sad about that when I found out.

I can´t believe that I am officially halfway through my mission. I really can´t believe it. It´s going by way too fast. I don´t know  what I´m going to do when it´s over. I am going to miss Argentina. The desire to talk to people is growing and I still can´t talk 100%. I have more voice than before, but a stubborn cough that has not gone away. I want to talk to people without problems of having to pause every five minutes and also, not being able to say some things I want to because of the language. I´m finally learning how to be a missionary and now I am given another challenge to overcome. Oh well, such is life. I am excited to be here, though.

We were supposed to get 28 new missionaries from the states, but they had visa problems so a few of the areas in our mission were closed. I wonder if Vicente Lopez closed.

I´m glad that you are all doing better and enjoying your trip. Where did Colten serve again? Keep going strong. I love you all so much and always pray for you. I love you and I´ll talk to you soon.

Hermana Alvey

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