Monday, April 16, 2012

Another week has gone by. There were no storms during the day, but the ones at night here are pretty awesome too. Things are starting to cool down here. In the mornings it´s nice to have a sweater, but the middle of the day and evening are pretty hot. It´s odd weather here that can change in less than an hour. It sure keeps you on your toes though.
We started teaching Carlos again. We also have 3 other people that we are teaching. They are Darío, Danny, and Adrian. They are all awesome. I have also learned a lot from each of them and hopefully they have learned something from the Spirit as well. Darío likes high math and science. Danny is good at studying even if he doesn´t like it. Adrian is a very hard worker. It´s hard when you love the people and they turn away. We had to drop 2 more investigators this week. You share everything and know it´s true and they don´t care or refuse to listen. That happens sometimes and you still love them, but you realize that they have their agency and others need your help.
By the way. I am never living where there are mosquitos ever again. The doctor said that with my type of skin and allergic reaction, I am more likely to get infections. I have another one on my left leg. It doesn´t matter that I am very clean and use OFF. The new doctor here said that he will help me find a different repellent. Hopefully it works.
This last sunday we had 135 people at church. That is so amazing. It was sad, though, because we only had one investigator and no less active. We are still working hard with them and they are so wonderful. I wish they would see their own worth. That is the greatest challenge with most of the less active. They feel as if they have sinned too far or they aren´t important enough for God to care about. That is probably a world wide thing. I hope that I am sharing God´s love with them. I try. They are very good people.
So to answer some questions. We don´t get to cook a lot because we are out of the apartment so often. It´s pretty much sandwiches and pasta. (not together) The people here are amazing cooks. I don´t think I can pick which one is the best. The main meal here is lunches. We usually have a light breakfast, heavy lunch, and not really anything for dinner because we get home at 9pm and are tired.
Thank you for the skype account. I´m excited to talk to you May 13th. Don´t worry, I´m not letting it distract me. I have too many things to think about here. We are even cutting our P-day short because this was the only time we could visit one of our investigators.
I´m sorry that you are getting sick. I hope you all feel better. Take care of yourselves. I have to go, but know that I love you all very much. I hope to have more time next week. I´ll talk to you soon.

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