Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hey everyone!! New transfer, new experiences, new work. So me and Hermana Milmont are together for another transfer. Hermana Renteria is going to an area called Nuñez, and Hermana Salva is going to Tigre. Vicente Lopez is now one area again with only two missionaries. I will have six months in Vicente Lopez by the end of the transfer. It is an amazing ward and I am very happy to be here. The work is going to explode this transfer. I just know it.
I absolutely loved General Conference. I especially loved Elder Hadleck (sp?). I have heard a similar talk many times from my own mission president many times. The vision truly is important. If you don´t know where your goal is, you won´t know how to work for it. I am still working on obtaining the vision. I have not fasted over it yet, but I know that I need to and will do so this sunday. Elder Holland´s talk of course, was straight to the point and awesome as usual. I wish I had time to talk about all of them, but I´m cut short again due to transfers. We had two sisters sleep in our apartment with us. One went to the south at 3:30 am and we took the other to the office to pick up her new companion.
Thank you soooooooo much for the packages. Hermana Milmont said that the brand ¨George¨ nylons saved her in the south. I appreciate everything in the packages. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
It sounds like life there is busy and moving along. I hope you are enjoying spring break and have a wonderful easter. Remember the true reason for easter. I love Elder Worthlin´s talk in General Conference of 2006 ¨Sunday Will Come¨. No matter how bleak the Friday or how lonely the Saturday, Sunday will come. That is the promise of the Atonement.
We have an amazing ward. They are catching on to the vision of the missionary work. It really is all about the members. Talking with their friends, helping their families, and doing their best to share their joy and their lives. I wish I could remember who said it, but they said ¨Preach the Gospel and if needed use words.¨ I love that. We often think that everything is up to the full time missionaries. It is true that they have a special calling to go out into all the world to teach. We are set apart to teach the Gospel and have His Spirit to guide us. Nothing can happen without the members though. Retention, finding, and supporting will not happen without the members. It is impossible. I know this now. It´s not easy, but the prophets have said:¨Every member a missionary.¨ What the sister in the philippines said is true. It´s truer than you know.
I love you all so much. I am sorry that I am not able to tell you everything that has happened this week. I will try really hard to tell you everything next week. Now is the time to work.
¨Firm as the mountains around us¨
¨I´ll never no never no never forsake¨
I´ll talk to you soon.
Hermana Alvey
P.S. Good luck with the garden. I pray for all of you individually by name. I love you

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