Monday, April 9, 2012

So what a week! Last monday and Tuesday we had a couple sisters go to and come from the south. They stayed in our pension until they could catch their plane or get their new companion. For everyone that is in Arizona, one of them was Hermana Shelley! She is so funny and cute. We ended up staying up late or waking up in the middle of the night. One came at 1 am. Another left at 3 am, so to say the least we were tired at the beginning of this week. We just split our area again, because as of Wednesday, we have two elders!! Wednesday we also had a gigantic thunder storm. The lightning show was gorgeous and the thunder was so loud it hurt our ears and shook the roof. The streets were flooded so much that it almost came up to our knees. I had a lot of fun, but then again I´ve always liked storms.
I am attaching some pictures because it didn´t work last week. The first two are of our area. I want you all to be able to see how big it really is. Remember that the blocks are about the size of Vegas blocks (if not a little bigger). We can walk from one end of our area to the other but I would probably take half the day or so. Our area is called Vicente Lopez but it really has about 6 mini cities inside it. They are Acassuso, Florida, Martinez, Olivos, La Lucila, and one other that I can´t remember. I guess they are more like towns than cities, but it´s still big either way. There are not any large scale companies here. Everything is personally owned. There is not a walmart or anything in my area, but it still is a large city. We have two mission presidents living in our area along with the area doctor. One of the Argentine President´s houses is in our area too. We don´t do tracting very often. The greatest way to find people and help them stay active is helping the members invite their friends to hear the Gospel.
It was absolutely amazing this last Sunday! There were three complete less active families that came to church. They had´t been to church in about 5 years. We had been working so hard with them and I cried when I saw them. The Lord is so happy when we go to church. It doesn´t matter if we are active or inactive or new. We are making a wonderful choice when we go to church and the Lord is always happy with us when we do. We are working so hard with the less active and they have several friends and family members that are not members and as we help them remember the love they have felt, they want to share that with others. References are everything to missionaries as well as members who are willing to accompany them. I never realized what my role was as a member. I feel like I can be a more effective member when I get home. Now I just need to go a little further and be a great missionary. ^_^ The Lord has blessed me so much with all the work here. The ward is moving forward and the work will grow so much here.
I am out of time, because we still have to go get food for the week. I love you all and will talk to you soon. Please remember that no matter how dark the Friday is, Sunday will come. That is the promise of Easter.
Hermana Alvey

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