Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How is everything going? It sounds like things are moving along great.
So I do believe that the mosquitos have died for the winter (even though it is still autumn). I am very happy about that and yes, it has been raining a lot here. Right now, it´s pretty foggy outside and has been heavy overcast for about 4 days now. I do love this weather, though.
I am still behind on the Book of Mormon reading, but it has definitely been an experience. I have learned so much from going back to what I highlighted and then writing notes in the margins. It is such a spiritual feast and I have learned things that I have truly touched my heart and expanded my understanding of the scriptures. I would invite each of you to take the time to fulfill this challenge. It is the same challenge and a little more than the one that President Gordon B Hinckley extended to all of us back in 1997. It is wonderful and your testimony will grow so much.  I am very excited for the temple to open up in august. So I was mistaken. The open house is August 4-August 25 and the rededication is September 9; Happy anniversary mom and dad. ^_^
It sounds like a great idea to help each other with goals. One of my goals is to read one chapter of the Book of Mormon in spanish every day during my language study. What are some of your goals?
Thank you so much for sending a package. I appreciate it every time and can´t thank you enough. I believe that I have everything I need and a lot of what I want. The only thing I can think of is chocolate chips. They are very hard to find here. Thank you for everything you do.
It´s been one of those weeks that you can tell you were meant to learn something hard fast. We struggled a lot this week with having lessons with members present and people coming to church. I believe that I have finally caught the vision (as of yesterday) and I want to use it. I am hoping that it will help me overcome the last of my fears and I can finally become the missionary I know the Lord knows I can be. I guess I should specify. I believe that I have caught the vision of the mission. I am now working on the vision for this specific area: Vicente López.
Through all the President´s letters, he has been trying to help us obtain the vision the Lord has. To sum it all up in one word, I would use the word ¨Broken¨. I know that sounds bad, but let me explain. We are commanded by God to sacrifice a broken heart and a contrite spirit. I want to be a broken missionary. When you are broken and put all the pieces into the Lord´s hands and let go, He can make you into what He knows you can be. When you are broken, you trust and lean on the Maker. You ask: ¨Why am I here in Vicente López? What do you want me to do and to learn?¨ You trust His choices and His time. You always look for His will and trust that as you do your best, He will guide you and make up for your shortcomings. He will fill in the gaps, so to speak. As you are letting the Lord heal you, you are experiencing the atonement every moment of every day and can more effectively share that with those around you. You know what it´s like and can recognize what each of them needs to hear specifically to come unto Christ. You allow yourself to be closer to the Spirit and open to be guided by it.
There is a great danger in being in one area for so long. You get complacent and let the little important things fall through the cracks. It is a great danger of everyday life too. I am so excited that you want to start reading together in the scriptures as a family every day. I don´t think you realize how much family prayer and scripture study made a difference for me growing up. I would encourage you to make that one of your goals as a family. I have also learned that Preach My Gospel isn´t just for missionaries or for the mission. I exhort you with all my energy of soul to purchase one and apply the teachings inside. Do companionship inventory. Make goals. Have a schedule. Please know that it is with all the love of my heart that I ask these things of you. Every invitation I have given, going to the temple together, reading together, doing visiting and home teaching, etc. has been from the Lord. You can find all of these invitations in Preach My Gospel, Conference Talks, and Manuals. The changes that these things are making in this ward and in the lives of the people we teach are amazing. Preach My Gospel was written on the other side of the veil and has come forth at this time for us. The Book of Mormon has come forth at this time for us. The Lamanites and the Nephites did not have the Book of Mormon. It was compiled after their destructions. I encourage all to find these invitations from the Lord. I don´t want you to make the same mistakes I am making right now, by being complacent and letting the small things fall through the cracks. I have seen these blessings and want them for you too.
I love you all so much and will write soon.
Hermana Alvey

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