Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So yes, another week has gone by. It has been an experience and we have learned a lot. I believe that this transfer is to teach us about perservering and setting goals. President Gulbrandsen came to our District meeting last week and told us something very interesting. Our Zone is the heart of the mission and our district is the heart of this zone. That is a lot to think about. We took the counsel he gave us to have the faith to drop an investigator who is not progressing. Right now, we are down to two investigators and they both can´t get baptized until some legal things are taken care of. It´s a hard lesson in waiting on the Lord, but as we do our best and take this time to better ourselves, especially with the small and simple things, we will see the miracles in our lives.
 One such miracle happened this last friday and saturday. We were praying about where Heavenly Father wanted us to go and the image came to my mind of flowers. I felt as if we needed to bring flowers to someone, but we weren´t sure who. We both thought of Hermana Roig and decided that we would pass by. We arrived at her house and her husband answered the door. We gave him the flowers and said that we felt like we needed to stop by. He told us that she was in the hospital for her heart. The Lord works through us to help all of His children. I love the Roig Family and am very happy to know them in my time here. I am grateful to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands.
 Sunday was also interesting. Our ward boundaries were changed a little and we lost most of section ¨L¨. They are now part of Munro, so we will be missing some of our ward families. It´s interesting, because we have something with each of the families that are leaving this week. They are all wonderful and have a lot to offer. They are strong in the church and in the missionary work.
 Right now we are visiting all of the members that are in our area. We have been promised that we will find new people to teach with the less actives, the new converts, and the 5-5-5 families. We are working hard to show our faith in this promise as we get better about doing the small and simple things.  It´s been tough, but we hope to see the promises fulfilled. We haven´t done any real activity in the streets since the Centro de Visitantes en la Capilla. We talked with people in the streets yesterday because we didn´t have any investigators. It´s not the most effective method that we have found here in Vicente López. It may work in another area. We´ll have to try it.
 I am so happy that you enjoyed your weekend in Utah. Yes, I do realize that the Nissan isn´t good for long distance travel ^_^.  I do miss the old reunion site. Did you take any pictures? How was Larry and everyone. Speaking of which, does Larry have any family in Wyoming? Turns out that the cousin of Hermana Milmont´s mom is named Larry Bagley (sp?). I just think it´s interesting.
I have not been good about my language study in general. As a companionship, we are getting better at our schedule, so we shall see what happens. How is the reading going with the family? What hymns have you learned so far? I would encourage everyone to make goals. We are truly learning about their purposes and benefits this transfer. We just finished setting transfer goals and we have a long way to go. I know that we can do it, though, and now we have a vision of where we want to be so that we can get there faster.
 It´s been pretty warm still, probably in the 60´s. We still aren´t 100% sure what the weather will be like in the winter, because every says the climate has changed so much. I´m interested to see what happens.
 As you can tell, not a lot has happened this week, but our vision is still high and we are working hard. I´m so glad to hear from all of you. I´ll talk with you soon.
Hermana Alvey

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