Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Bienvenidos al CCM, Anthony!!!!
These first three days tend to be the hardest, but it is an amazing experience. Hope you enjoy your district. They make the experience even better.

So it was transfers yesterday and I know that you are all waiting to see what will happen. We are all still here in Rio Gallegos. Nobody left and we are all going to the meeting and the temple dedication. We are so excited for the temple. Our zone leaders had a wonderful experience in the temple. Last Tuesday, they had a special meeting with the three missions in Buenos Aires and President Arnold. President Gulbrandsen told all the zone leaders to be two hours early and to be doing their studies for that time. All of them were obedient and President Arnold saw that. When it was close to the time for the meeting, the other missions were just arriving. President Arnold asked President Gulbrandsen if all his leaders were there and he said yes. President Arnold then told President Gulbrandsen and his missionaries to follow him; they were going to get a tour of the temple. Can you imagine an experience like that? There´s more. When they arrived at the sealing room of the temple, President Arnold stopped and said: ¨I´m going give you a promise. This is for your entire mission. When you are in the sealing room, the person who you are going to marry will come into your mind, through the Spirit.¨ What a promise. Now, I´m not going to tell you the answer when we go to the temple, but I wanted to show you the amazing blessings we receive by being obedient; especially to our leaders.

This week has been a pretty quiet week. We have not had any baptisms recently and are still looking for investigators.  We are working better with the leaders of the branch and gaining their trust. There wasn´t a lot of trust between the missionaries and the leaders about 4 months ago and Hermana Alfaro has been working with them. Now I have joined the cause and we are continuing to see progress. We are happy to be moving forward.

Thank you so much for answering my questions. I´m going to let the elders know the answers. Were you able to find any more information about the different kind of visas? Do you have Anthony´s email address? I´m sorry about all the funerals. I hope Brother Hort gets better soon. How is Brother Ramirez healing? Tell Jared I say Hi back. I´m glad that things are moving along well at home. Stay well, Dad, and do exactly what the doctor says. You won´t heal otherwise and may even make it worse. I can testify to that.

I just realized that I don´t really have much to talk about this week. We are all still thinking about the temple and can´t wait for that time to arrive. We still don´t know what we are going to be doing as part of the cultural event, but we hope to hear soon.

It´s time to play fĂștbol, so I will talk to everyone again soon.

I love you all sooooooo much.

Hermana Alvey

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