Happy Late Birthday Grandma Alvey!! (please remind me if there is anyone else I forgot. I can´t remember when Rachel´s birthday is)

Well, another week has gone by and we are one week closer to the temple. Thank you soooooo much for all the emails, packages, and letters. Also, thank you for answering all the questions I have. I couldn´t ask for more. You have all been so amazing during this time. I know that time has moved quickly. I can´t believe that Hermana Reed (my trainer) is leaving for her home right after the temple. The next transfer, Hermana Milmont is leaving. The transfer after that, Hermana Alfaro is leaving. I can´t believe everything that has happened and will happen still. I have a lot of growth still to do. My patience is something that I am working on a lot during this transfer. I have also learned how to control my thoughts and desires. It´s not easy being with someone who keeps talking about the end of their mission. You know that I have always looked forward to the time when I would get married. Because my companion is leaving soon, she is talking and thinking a lot about the same thing. On top of that, there is a sister here in this branch that is getting married soon, so that just adds to everything. Every day I have to remind myself of my top priority and forget everything else. That is the only way that I can grow on the mission. As much as I love you all (which is aaaaalllllooooootttttt) I finally learned with Hermana Milmont how to put my family and friends out of my mind and into the hands of the Lord. Now, I am working every day to put my goals and my dreams out of my mind and into the hands of the Lord. I know that it is a year into the mission and I should have done that a long time ago. I thought I did, but as I said in one of my first emails: everything you don´t take care of before the mission comes before your face until it is truly taken care of, or you cannot continue to grow and be molded by the Lord. I know that I will continue moving forward. I feel your prayers everyday and everyday I feel your love. Thank you.

This week has been an interesting one. So, I found myself on the otherside of a closed fence for the second time in my mission. This time, we were trying to get an investigator to church and this is the first time that the fence has been closed. Instead of climbing over the fence, this time it was easier to crawl under. He came to church, though, and has a baptismal date for this coming weekend. We are working hard with him so that he can go to the rededication of the temple. It is an exciting time and we want everyone to be a part of it. That´s almost all we can think or talk about, but that is how it should be because it is only in the temple that we can be together forever and receive the greatest blessings that God has for us. In order to go to the temple, you first have to be baptized. Nobody who isn´t baptized will return to their Heavenly Father; nobody. That has been a real motivation for me. There are many people that I love who aren´t baptized and can´t return home to their Father with their family. Our responsibility as members is to open our mouths and share the Gospel. I have forgotten that many times in my life because of fear, but that can´t be. We are in a battle and we are concious of that. Keep pressing forward. Never give up. This week, I recommend studying about the armor of God this week.

I believe that this email is going to be pretty short this week, and for that, I am sorry.

I love you all soooooooo much. I pray for you all every night and wish you the best. You are all special in your own way and I wouldn´t change any of you for the world.

Hermana Alvey