Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

So it looks like there won´t be any photos this week either. The internet isn´t working very well, so the photos aren´t loading.
We received a call saturday evening saying that we will be leaving for Buenos Aires thursday!! We are so excited. We, also, received a letter from President Gulbrandsen today saying that we really are going to be part of the Cultural Event saturday as well. What a time to be a missionary in Buenos Aires. We aren´t allowed to tell anyone, though. My companion is having a hard time with the good byes. She´s been here for about six months and is trying to get everyone´s information. We don´t know where we will be staying or when we will be leaving thursday, but we should be receiving that information tuesday in District Meeting. Yes, we are going to have transfers a week early because we are all going to be together (and to save money). We shall see what happens up north.

We haven´t been able to find anyone to teach or baptize (but you can probably guess why). We are trying to work with the Branch on cleaning up the Directory. We feel as if we are going to find through the less actives. We are starting this week and we hope, as well, that it will strengthen our relationship with the members. When the two Branches joined, a lot of records were lost, and others were erased by members. It is going to be a big task, but we are up to it. The leaders have a lot of confidence in us and we are excited to see the branch grow into a ward. That is the goal. On average, we have about 80 people in church. The goal is to have an average of 130. We can do it.

I wish that I had more positive things to say. I wish that I had more to tell, as well. I´m sorry. I can share what I have studied and learned this week from the scriptures.

Like you, President Gulbrandsen has been focusing on revelation. It is a wonderful gift that we have. The spanish guide has a quote from Joseph Smith. He said that you cannot receive the Holy Ghost without receiving revelation. It´s impossible to have one without the other. I really thought about that and what Mom said about Nephi and that we can have the same experiences. I have often thought to myself, that only the little miracles or little revelations are for me. I´m not prepared or worthy to receive big revelation (for example the promise we received from President Arnold). The same quote keeps coming to my mind. ¨If you believe that you can´t, you´re right. If you believe you can, you´re right.¨ It really is that way. The reason that the Brother of Jared received his revelation, was because he had complete trust and faith in his Lord. He knew that all things were possible with God and that God had given him a task and would provide a way to accomplish it after everything he had done. I don´t think he ever thought that he would receive the knowledge that he did, but I do believe that he knew with all his heart and soul that all things were possible. It´s the same with revelation. I keep going back to my favorite scripture: 1 Nephi 15:11. How many times has the Lord told us that He will open the windows of Heaven and answer our prayers if we believe, keep the commandments, and are faithful? It´s true that often the answer comes in a form that we do not expect, or in the time we want, but that doesn´t mean that it excludes miracles. Yes, we need to look for the daily miracles and tender mercies. Just don´t forget the potential that you have and how great your faith really is.

I have to go, but I want to tell you all that I love you. I pray every day for you and hope the best. I will talk with you soon.

Hermana Alvey

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