Monday, September 17, 2012

So I found a little bit more time. I wanted to tell you about Hermana Hermosa. She is from Formosa, Argentina and is amazing. She really lives up to her last name. She is one of 12 children. (I thought our family was big. One of her uncles has 16 children o.o) She is really excited to learn english. ¨It´s a rule in our mission that the north americans have to learn spanish and the South Americans have to learn english. If you don´t help your companions with the language, you don´t love them.¨ This was revelation revealed to President Gulbrandsen for our mission specifically. This way, all of the missionaries have better opportunities for work. I am very grateful for your counsel and I am still working hard on my spanish. Hermana Hermosa corrects me every day and I am trying to use more vocabulary. We are working together. 

She is very obedient and I am happy to say that we are keeping the schedule and working hard. We have not seen any fruits of our labors yet. We have done a lot of walking this week, because nobody wanted to receive us. Saturday we walked our entire area from 2pm to 9pm. We aren´t discouraged, though. We know that the Lord is accepting our sacrifices.

So a couple interesting facts. She shares my birthday and follows the pattern of my companions. My first companion leaves today, my second leaves the transfer after, my third the transfer after, and now my fourth the transfer after. I can´t believe it. She leaves in January, but it so focused. I hope I am like her when I reach that point in my mission. Well, it looks like my time is really up this time.

Keep your heads up. Remember that tomorrow there will be sun. I still find hope and comfort in the talk of Elder Wirthlin ¨Sunday will come.¨ I love you all and will talk with you soon.

Remember that General Conference is in 3 weeks.


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