Monday, January 14, 2013


Things here are moving forward. We actually had a pretty good week. Today we received an interesting conference call from President Gulbrandsen. Turns out that a member of the Seventy is going to do a mission tour with him in two weeks and President said that we couldn´t get on the internet today until we thoroughly cleaned house. We had already mopped and cleaned just before we received the call, so we thought that it wouldn´t take too long. It took 4 hours to finish cleaning everything. Now, I want to explain something before you all fall over laughing. We have had many sisters go home recently and there are always things left behind. We decided to take the time to go through all the stuff left behind and the places that we hadn´t touched in a while (under the bed, cupboards, etc). It was very satisfying, but we don´t really have that much time for other things, now. A talk came to mind as I was cleaning that made me think. I hope you like it: July Liahona 2012 ¨Unspotted From the World¨ by Julie Thompson.

The weather is always playing games. Sometimes, it´s hot, sometimes it´s hot and humid, and sometimes it rains (which really means, it pours). The mosquitos are finding us in the night, especially, so, although I use everything everyone has sent me (and then some), I still find myself eaten alive. ^_^ Hermana Kapp is just as bad off as I am. We only pray that the time of the mosquitos ends soon or that we go back down south. I doubt that we would go back down, neither of us have enough time left to go down. 

As far as investigators go, we don´t have any that are really progressing. We are looking for new ways to find . We know that working with the members is the best way to find and help them remain faithful. We have prayed and received counsel from all of our leaders and the Lord. We are putting into action, this week the revelations that have come and we are hopeful in the Lord.

Transfers are this coming sunday and we have six more sisters leaving: Hermana Quispe, Hermana Hermosa, Hermana Malhue, Hermana Lobos, Hermana Shelley, and Hermana Binks. We shall see how many come in this transfer. It´s going to be exciting. The transfer after, we are going to receive an amazing amount. I can´t believe how young they are all going to be. I can´t believe how old I am. Hermana Kapp did a calculation and in mission life, she is 79 years old and I am 86 years old. ^_^ It´s such a funny way to think about things. But I promise that I am not trunky. I am more focused now than ever before on my mission. I have been able to meditate on how far I have come in the mission and far I have to go. We are working hard and doing the best that we can for the areas that we are in. We do not know how things will go this transfer. Hermana Kapp has 4 transfers here aka 6 months. The thing is, I will have only had 3 weeks to learn her side of the area. It could be that there only remains two of us, or it could be that we receive two more. They could be completely new or have time in the mission. The Lord could even take both of us out and put in elders. On top of the fact, they are cutting this next transfer by 1 week. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Well, we have to be on our way in an hour and we still have to buy food. So I´ll talk to all of you later. I love you all soooo much. 

Hermana Alvey

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