Thursday, January 31, 2013


Happy Birthday Mom!!!

So there isn´t really too much to tell about this week. I got a nice sunburn. ^_^ We were sad about Americo, because his wife said that he couldn´t meet with us anymore or she would leave with his daughter. We always try to include the entire family, but we can´t obligate anyone. We feel good, because we did all that we could and the ultimate choice was theirs. We don´t have investigators right now, but we are looking forward to see what happens because the members are starting to talk with their friends. The youth just got back from EFY so they are all excited to share the Gospel. We are happy to work with them.

I really wish that there was more to tell. I couldn´t write yesterday because we had a meeting with one of the seventy, Elder Wilhelm of the 7th quorum of the seventy. It was an amazing experience and we have much to repent of. I love repenting, because it means that the Lord is teaching me and purifying me. I have a long way to go and everything helps. Hermana Peralta is so kind and I´m sad that she goes home in four weeks. She is determined and patient and has had to pass through many hardships. I am very grateful to be her companion. We will have a lot of adventures together. I wish that I could chat longer, but we have to get moving.

I love you all sooooo much and that you are doing good. Thank you for all the support and love and prayers. I pray for you everyday. Keep moving forward and never give up.

Hermana Alvey

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