Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So it´s been interesting. ^_^ We just got permission today to write friends with emails. I´ve already sent a couple. I promise that I won´t spend a lot of time writing friends. You all are more important.

So we are both sick because the weather changed so fast. I have a sinus infection and my companion has a cold. I am praying that both of us don´t lose our voices. That would be rough. We also visited a family who turns out to have pink eye. LOL I promise that I won´t get that. We are still on the search for investigators. There are a few new ones and I am excited to see what happens. There is one investigator who is from Peru. She recently moved here with her sister about 2 months ago. Her first husband left her with three young children and then she moved in with her second husband. They have a son together but never got married. Her new husband is also not divorced. Her children are members and her sister is a less active member. Her neice just got to the MTC this last week. We aren´t really sure what´s going to happen, but we are going to trust in the Lord and see what to do. 

We have interviews this next week for our zone and I get to do paperwork twice to be legally here in argentina again. It´s ok, I get to visit capital. It´s extremely busy and I prefer provincia, but at least There are interesting things there. The weather has been pretty nippy these last couple days. Today it´s pretty nice, but we shall see how the rest of the week goes. President likes to put on the A/C for the elders in their suits, so you learn to bring a heavy jacket to meetings with President. We´ll see how it goes with our illnesses.

This last sunday there was a family at church who hadn´t gone since before I got here. I was so excited to see them, and happy. There are some really good families here. We are still working hard with the members to help them share the gospel and have the faith that God is preparing people in their lives. That is probably the hardest thing. Many say that everyone knows they are mormons. Others say that they share the gospel but everyone turns them down. It´s true that most people know that we are members of the church, but because we never invite, they never receive the blessings God has for them. Yes, it´s true that even though we share the Gospel, a lot of people will say no. There is a principle in the Gospel that will touch their hearts. You just have to find it. You can also look for more people to know and then share the Gospel. Don´t forget that a lot depends on your faith. Remember what Moroni said in Ether 12: It was because of faith that Ammon, Aaron, Nephi, Lehi, and many others wrought great changes among their brethren. Sometimes our friends are touched by the Spirit, because we lack faith. Faith makes a huge difference in the person receiving the Gospel and the person sharing the Gospel.

Well, it´s time to head out. I love you all sooooo much. I´ll talk with you soon. Take care.

Hermana Alvey

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