Thursday, October 13, 2011

2nd p-day

Well, I can't believe that it's already been two weeks, and that it's only been two weeks.  So much has changed in just the short time I have been here.  It's like I told the new missionaries that came in yesterday: "No matter how much we know, whether a lot or a little, we are all the same once we get to the MTC; we know nothing."  I know that may sound harsh and untrue, but everything we think we know isn't complete and if you clamp onto the knowledge you do have, you may not let yourself be humble enough to learn the inspired teachings of our teachers, presidents, and General Authorities.  The Spanish is coming along great. I know I have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but I have great hope and faith in the Lord.  He has given me the strength to wake up everyday on time and last 16 hrs while trying to cram into my mind another language in 9wks, learning how to be an effective missionary, and relearning almost everything about the church. Now I'm not saying that we are completely wrong in our knowledge or that knowledge is not good, but there is a time and place for everything. Starting over has really helped me understand more about my investigators. By the way we now have two to teach, and next week three and so on.  I am learning when I am ready to remember a certain topic among the knowledge I have gained. The scriptures mean so much more to me now.  I can feel what Moses said: " I am slow of speach", and God answered: "Who made the lame, and the dumb, and the blind. Who made they mouth". (I know that is not exact, but you get the idea)  And Moroni, when he said: "I am able to teach with the Spirit, but I cannot when writing, so please forgive my imperfections." How often I have felt Ammon saying the words of my heart to preach the good news to all, and not to boast of my own strength but of the Lord's.
I know you are probably wondering, but yes my section of the room is still clean, and , yes, I am starting to gradually wear makeup and do my hair. I'm still trying to work it all out, but it is definitely a changing experience.  We were taught this week about the 4th missionary. The 1st missionary goes on a mission, is disobedient and comes home early. The 2nd missionary goes on a mission, doesn't obey fully, but ends up staying the whole time.  The 3rd missionary is one who keeps complete obedience and does very well and comes home successful.  The 4th missionary is very similar to the 3rd, but there is one key thing that is different. The 4th missionary turns their whole heart over to the Lord and their mission and experiences a change of heart.  I want to be a 4th missionary.
Well, on not so fun a note, Hermana Renteria got a chest virus, Hermana Erickson got a cough, and I got a sinus infection.  I know you are all probably laughing right now and saying that you expected it. I guess I did too, but it's still not fun.  Then again, it is another experience in being humble and teachable.  We have each been able to express our fears, concerns, and frustrations, which has led us to be a stronger companionship.
That reminds me, I am getting my shot today at 1:45 and it is $97. I want to use my debit card, so that it can be recorded.  The doctor wanted me to tell you that I talked to him about my back. It has been giving me nothing but problems since I got here. I promise I'm not being wimpy, I'm usually fine with my back, but it has been constantly seising up every other day.  I got some excersize routines and hopefully everything will go back to normal; or at least as normal as before.
The temple is beautiful here and I love going to the 7:20 am session. The workers are so kind.  Although, I'm still thinking about the live session in Manti.  Well, it's time to go. I will send the letter with the pictures so you can see how nice it's been.
I love you all very much. I would like to challenge you, Mom and Dad, to visit the temple together, just the two of you, in a sealing session or endowment session. You were so happy being the couple at the temple and I know that we have been promised strength as a couple if we attend the temple together.  All is well in Zion.

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