Thursday, October 20, 2011

3rd week

Hello Mi Familia,
It's another P-day coming and going and I have now started my fourth week here. I did receive the first care package from and we are still enjoying the cinnamon rolls. The candy bars in that package were not full size but we enjoyed them none the less. Thank you so much for sending it; it really made my week. I, also, want to thank you soooo much for the most recent package. I wore the jacket to the temple this morning and it helped a lot. Thank so much for the undershirts, the dictionary, and the goodies.  I have already used both dictionaries a lot and, don't worry, I will send the larger one home before I leave. Now, about the temple, we go to the 7:20 am session so we have to be out the door by 6:50am. Yes I do wake up before 6:30am every day and sometimes just before 6am. You didn't think I could do it, huh? Lol. I know I am blessed for exact obedience, because I have the strength to make it through the day.
Well, now to answer some questions. I found the letter that had the question I forgot to answer. In the blue bag that we received the first day, I got a set of spanish scriptures; a grammar book, a vocab book, a phrases book, a couple planners, one filtered water bottle, and a spanish to english dictionary.  Oh, and another practice book for spanish similar, but smaller than the one you received in your mission, Mom. I did not receive a picture book or a culture book in the bag. They would be nice, but I'm learning as I go. We actually don't really have a culture class. We are pretty much taught by the experiences of people who went to spanish speaking missions. I told you that one of my teachers is from Mexico, so that helps a little, but a lot is going to be a surprise when we get down there. Before I forget, will you please take the mints out of my temple dress pocket. I don't want them becoming sticky in the pocket since they aren't in wrappers.
I am thinking of auditioning for the devotionals. I'm not sure if I am going to or not since I am out of practice and still trying to clear my throat.  I have a lot more things to do than practice music, even though I want to. We got new missionaries again this week, and Bishop and Sister Nordfelt were among them. I was so happy to see them and introduce them to my companions. That also reminds me. This tuesday devotional we had a most amazing speaker. Elder Richard G Scott came and spoke to us. I could not believe how tangible his love, the Spirit, and the authority in the room was. He looked a lot better here than he did at conference.  He spoke on strengthening your testimony through the scriptures; not just "hanging out" when you get home, but looking for an eternal companion; and that they elders need to watch the example of the sisters. I liked that last part ^_^  I wish I could send all my notes home to you, but I need them right now.
As for my back and how all of our illnesses are doing, my back is doing much better and I am learning how to stretch it out. We are all on the last leg of our illnesses and hopefully we will be 100%soon. Hermana Renteria has been writing her family and now they are finally starting to write her back. She had to call them this week to get them to do it.  All of us are in the beginning class of spanish. Hermana Erickson is going to be 25 in November and Hermana Renteria is 22. They don't always act their age though. You should have seen Hermana Erickson's face when I told her we received gushers. It was wonderful.
It sounds like all of you have been very busy this week. I be the house is looking much nicer, and so is my car. For the record, I have washed my car (or had it washed) several times since my accident in 2006. I think 6 times since then. Anyway, I am learning more spanish, but I am still struggling to learn everything I want to. It's then that I have to tell myself that I will learn what I need with the Lord's help.  I can only do my best and He will make up the rest.  I bought a small 8 piece set of colored pencils because I felt that my Spanish scriptures looked so naked. I have started to mark scriptures that are special to me and I finally finished marking the scripture masteries. I also have learned Our Purpose in Spanish and the First Article of Faith. It's funny though, my spelling has gotten worse because I keep wanting to spell words in spanish. Maybe that's a good thing.
Well I'm running out of time and I just wanted to tell you all that I love you very much and I think about you often. I know the Lord is blesssing you and I know you have seen that witness.  I, too am being blessed and have seen many miracles in my time here.  You have all been an amazing support: Thank you.
Your Daughter and Missionary,
Hermana Jessica Lynn Alvey

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