Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hola Mi Familia

Hola Mi Familia!! (I said it right this time)
Well this week has been very fast but there were some interesting points. This tuesday and wednesday we met with the Argentine consulate for our visas. It's really getting closer. I think that part of the reason I was sent out of country was so that I would be able to become an independent person. I love you all very much but I need to focus my heart on the work and become the fourth missionary. I've been praying all this month that my heart would change and, slowly but surely, I have seen those changes. I do not worry too much about you, because I know the Lord will take care of you. I have already seen that in the messages you have sent me. As for the Argentine consulate, she was very nice and her accent really was beautiful. Its a very soft and gentle spanish and I am very grateful to the Lord for sending me to Argentina. I am really excited to learn spanish.
She told us a little bit about Argentina. One warning she gave us was to never say "soccer" always call it futbol or else the locals might threaten your life.  About my mission, she said that the city was beautiful and the tip has some of the most gorgeous natural beauty in the country. I'm excited. My companions and I were talking and my packet seemed to say several different things than theirs and we think I might be called to go to the tip of the country at some point. Wouldn't that be fun?
Yes, my companions are unique. I am starting to struggle a little bit with Hermana Erickson, but I work through it and she is an amazing person. We just have very different opinions on some things, like how to teach, what specifically we should talk about and how we approach situations, but we try and work through it. I still respect her very much. Its kind of funny; we all have one handicap or another and we all seem to balance each other out. I am not comfortable socially and am used to doing things on my own. Hermana Renteria has always been verbally abused by her family and struggles with the emotional effects sometimes, especially with her boyfriend so far away. Hermana Erickson was abused verbally and physically by her last boyfriend and is struggling through that right now in her life. It creates some tension, especially since we don't really know how to talk to each other or rely on other people like that. We are working through things slowly, but, again, I know the Lord put us together as a companionship for His own purposes.
The spanish is coming. It's hard for me to talk and think in English now. My letters may start to be in only spanish soon. We will see, but I will try my best to write them in English so that you can all read them.
We have not missed a single week of going to the temple. I'm kind of sad that my companions don't want to do a sealing session until they get married, but I understand. I've needed to do an endowment session anyway. The temple here is beautiful, and I am happy that the temple will be in my mission. Thank you for being worthy to go to the temple with me.
We wrote a song for our leaving district this last saturday. It's to the movie version of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight". I wish we could sing it for you, but the written text will have to do.
1: This rocks!
2: Oh, me?
1: Not you! The MTC... teaching, learning...together!
2: What else can we do?
1: I can see the changes.
2: Which?
1: The ones I can't deny.
2: Huh?
1: These changes that the Gospel brings... the ones that make me cry!
2: Oh.
1: I feel my heart is changing, the Spirit's everywhere...and with all the missionaries here, Conversion's in the air.
Can you hear the languages?
The change they make us feel
We'll go along...teaching lessons
With all our righteous zeal
3: So many things to plan. Sometimes I can't decide... The future or the past -Tenses! they always seem to collide.
4: We love to preach the doctrine.. And help people to see... Where we came from and where we're going... and what we all can be...
Can you feel the Spirit teach?
Throughout the whole day long?
It's enough to convert every soul
With every word we preach
3: We're broken down, we're humble.. And on our knees we pray... With the gift of tounges -We speak! We need it every day.
4: So many investigators.. How can we teach them all? With the power from the holy scriptures... We can fulfill this call!
Can you see the miracles
With small and simple things
Are great things come to pass for all
Happiness it brings!
1: And when they leave the MTC....
2: It can only be assumed
1: The happy days are just beginning...
1&2: In short... We'll see you soooooon!
Inspired by Elder Arrington and Branch 4
Written by Hermana's Alvey, Renteria, Erickson (With special help from Hermana Hansen)
*We do not own Disney*
Now we know it's not perfect and doesn't perfectly match the song, but we sure had fun making and singing it for our zone. It only took us an hour, too.  I love our district. The elders love to play Snap catch, where they toss around snaps (the ones you do with your finger). It's pretty funny to watch. They also like to do voices in spanish such as " Yo soy un real niƱo." I love it. This week they drew lego missionaries. They are also, very kind, to us Hermana's and often race to see who can take our trays first. It gets really funny when one of the elders comes in and sneaks the tray out before anyone else. We are losing another district this week and we are going to miss them very much. They have made our stay here one of the most amazing.
Well, my time is almost all spent. I love you all. Benjamin, please write me. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for writing me, and to everyone else who has.
100% Obedience- the first law under Heaven.
Hermana Jessica Alvey

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