Sunday, October 9, 2011

First week !

Well, I have officially been here for a week and a day, and it has been an amazing experience.  My companion is Hermana Erickson, she is from Chicago Illinois, but was only there for a short while. The other Hermana companionship in our district was Hermana Gutierrez and Hermana Renteria. Hermana Gutierrez ended up going to the Intermediate class after the third day so we became a threesome. Hermana Renteria is a lot of fun and is from Ventura California.  For the life of me I can't remember the names of the other threesome in our dorm. Yes, as I said before, we have six in our dorm. There are nine people in our district and three of us are Hermanas. The other elders are Elder Wright and Elder Hemmert, Elder Simmons and Elder Errington (the district leader), and Elder Otterstein and Elder Sulliven. They are definitely a lot of fun and I would not trade them for any other elders.
The schedule is a little different each day, but we basically have breakfast, personal study, class, lunch, companion study, language study, teach our investigator, dinner then gym, then class again.  As, I said, it's a little different each time, but basically the same.  We did not name our district and I'm surprised the Elders haven't tried. We are District A Branch/zone 4. We have definitely had a culture shock with just the MTC. Everything is so different here, but absolutely amazing. We just got new missionaries yesterday, so we aren't the newest people anymore. The language is coming, but it is definitely taught differently then before. They changed the program about 8 years ago. Its kind of like when a baby is learning to talk. You can't really explain it to them; you show them pictures and say the name of the object so that the word is tied to the actual thing.
Well, I better get to the other emails. I love you. 

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