General Conference was great. This time I didn´t get to listen to it in english so I didn´t really take any notes. I listened a lot. We were out looking for investigators and were a half hour late for both saturday sessions. You can imagine my surprise when I heard that President Monson had made an announcement about the missionary work. I couldn´t believe my ears when I heard what the announcement had been. I am so happy and excited to be here in the mission and now even more people will have the same opportunity earlier. I know that it is a truly inspired revelation and am so happy for it. I know that there is more urgency than ever for missionaries in the world and that the new generation is more prepared than ever to take on the adversary. It won´t be easy and they have a large task ahead of them, but it is possible.

Things here are moving fast. Sometimes faster than I can keep up. We just had interviews with President Gulbrandsen and it was a wonderful experience. The last time we had interviews I felt horrible sitting in front of this servant of God. This time it was a wonderful quiet experience for me. I think that that is how it is going to be in the final judgement. I felt horrible because I was disobedient and not doing my part. I wasn´t acting like a missionary and therefore was not ¨worthy¨ to be in the presence of a worthy leader. President Gulbrandsen did not change; it was my perception that changed. It was only a small taste, but I want to do everything within my power to feel worthy to stand before my Lord and God.

I do pray for all of you by name every day and I know that the Lord will continue to take care of you. President Gulbrandsen shared a scripture with me that I feel I should share with you. It´s D&C 100:1-4

1 Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you, my friends Sidney and Joseph, your families are well; they are in amine hands, and I will do with them as seemeth me good; for in me there is all power.

 2 Therefore, follow me, and listen to the counsel which I shall give unto you.

 3 Behold, and lo, I have much people in this place, in the regions round about; and an effectual door shall be opened in the regions round about in this eastern land.

 4 Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you to come unto this place; for thus it was expedient in me for the asalvation of souls.

Remember what President Eyring told us missionaries. It´s a commandment to be happy. It´s our choice. Two days earlier than this meeting, The granddaughter of President Eyring was born prematurely and fighting for her life. He asked us: ¨How can I be happy? It´s because I trust in my Heavenly Father and have hope in His plan.
I love you all.

Hermana Alvey