So a year has come and gone in the mission and I can´t believe it. No, we didn´t do anything to celebrate. We have been working very hard this week. The least amount of appointments we have had is four. The other day, we had seven. I know that doesn´t seem like much, but think that we leave at 11 am and work to 9 pm with an hour lunch. We had an appointment every hour. It was wonderful. Yesterday, we didn´t have as much success. We were walking for most of the day looking for people to teach. We are a little discouraged with this week, because we have to drop a lot of people this coming week and we don´t want to. We are trying to be very obedient, but we still don´t have progressing investigators. At least when you´re disobedient, you know what you need to do. I don´t want to be disobedient, again, I was miserable.

Sometimes, you don´t see any results when you are obedient to the commandments of God. A lot of people in the world ask: ¨I´m trying to do everything right and all I have are problems; I struggle through life. Why is it, that people who are disobedient and bad seem to have all the comforts and luck?¨ I asked myself that same question. We are trying so hard to be 100% obedient and aren´t seeing any baptisms or people changing. Yet, when we were most disobedient, we had 4 baptisms. I then realized that a lot of the success and blessings I received, I haven´t seen. I know that a consecrated missionary gives everything to the Lord. A by-product of that process, is that the missionary is molded and changed into the person, the Lord knows they can be. They bless the lives of many and also in themselves. They become more faithful in the Gospel, better parents, and better leaders. I have grown closer to my Heavenly Father. I have learned a lot more about the scriptures. I have received a lot of revelation, that I didn´t believe I could receive. Yes, I would love to see the results of my obedience, but the Lord knows better. Perhaps, one day, I will.

I love General Conference and it is a wonderful time to ponder and reflect. I have never thought of stoning prophets with our thoughts, either. It hurts when you give a friend advice and they don´t pay attention. The prophets speak for our Heavenly Father who loves us very much and wants the best for us. He has given us these commandments to be happy and we often don´t listen. Don´t forget the calling of these men and women.

I´m not sure how much longer I´m going to be here in Rio Gallegos. It´s warming up here, but there are still some cold days. Hermana Hermosa´s shoes have completely died. I don´t know what was holding them together. ^_^ It was rather funny to see her pull pebbles out of her shoes every half hour. One of the members finally said that he could try and redo her shoes. There are places here that fix shoes. o.o I thought that was the neatest thing.

Yes, we do have a meeting house. There are three here in Rio Gallegos and one in Calafate.

Nothing much has been going on here. I´m sorry that I won´t have much to write this week.

I love you all sooooo much. Stay safe and healthy. Grandma Alvey, we are praying for you.

Hermana Alvey