So, I´m not exactly sure what to write about. It´s been a week of walking. We´ve had appointments; some days 5 some days 7. The thing is, a lot of them have fallen through. We are trying hard to find people who are prepared by the Lord and His angels to be baptized. We are fasting, praying, and talking with everyone. We are trying to do better with asking for references at every house and invite everyone who is in the house to join in the lesson. We pray to find soon. We haven´t been able to have a normal lesson in a long time. We are not discouraged, though, and are working on bettering ourselves.

We are working with an investigator named Santiago. He has been smoking since he was 9 and when we first met him, he was smoking 40 cigarettes every day. He´s 62 years old and wasn´t really sure in the beginning if he wanted to quit smoking. As we talked with him and worked with him, he is smoking less and less each day. Yesterday he smoked only 5 cigarettes. We are very happy to see his progress. He has a baptismal date for Oct 27th. At first we would have to talk with him about the ¨why¨ of baptism because he would say no, then yes, then no again. Yesterday, he didn´t say no at any point. We know that he is feeling the influence of the Spirit in his life. It´s true that we are numb to the Spirit when we do the things the Lord has told us not to do. First, He won´t be with us, because we aren´t worthy. When the Spirit does want to talk with us, He can´t because we can´t listen due to our disobedience. It´s even harder with addictions. The addiction clouds our minds and spirits. I really liked what our relief society president said ¨If we drink just a tiny bit of tea, or a tiny bit of alcohol, will the Spirit leave us? Yes.¨ It really is that simple. When we are disobedient, the Spirit leaves. It doesn´t matter the cuantity.

Nelson passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday. We were so happy to see him using the priesthood for the first time, blessing the lives of others. I can´t explain the joy I had watching him grow and progress. He has such a big heart and such a pure faith. He wasn´t 100% sure at times, but he was guided, by the kind young men that were with him. I am very grateful for the members of this branch.

My spanish is still improving every day. As far as grammar goes, I feel as if I am at a 6. Vocabulary of the church, 7. Vocabulary of normal life, 3. Hermana Hermosa is working with me to smooth out the rough edges and do better each day to communicate with others. Likewise I am trying to help her with her english. I can do a lot better at speaking in english in the pension. I´m not doing so well and therefore am not showing my love. I will do better this week.

I´m sorry that this letter is so short. I´m not exactly sure what to say. I love you all soooo much. Take care. A special Hi to Grandma Houston and Grandma Alvey.

Hermana Alvey