Tuesday, December 4, 2012


So it sounds like everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Things here keep moving forward. It doesn´t feel like Christmas, but that´s ok. It´s time to work. I feel like I have less and less time to write. Everything is moving very fast right now. The mosquitoes have begun their war and the temperatures are rising.

We are working hard with all of our investigators. When I first came here, I was told that we did not have any investigators and I found that to be true. We have been working hard and this week, we ended with seven baptismal dates. We are very excited for the month of December.

This Friday, I finally get to go to the temple with Hermana Vargas. We are very excited and I finally get to see the temple.

So, I realized that there are a couple questions I forgot to answer.
First off, there aren´t really senior companions right now among the sister missionaries. We have not been receiving sister missionaries, so almost all of us have more that 9 months in the mission. The one in our apartment that has the least amount of time is Hermana Kapp and she only has one transfer less than I do.

We also have a new ward mission leader. He and is family are absolutely wonderful. They love the missionary work and are such wonderful people. They have three young boys and recently moved back to Argentina after studying in BYU Provo. We are excited to see how the missionary work moves forward here.

Well, not a lot happened this week, I´m sorry to say. I just wanted to tell you all that I love you sooooo much and wish you the best.

Keep your chins up and your feet moving forward.


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