Monday, December 24, 2012


So this is going to be a really short letter. We just got back from the mission christmas party and it was wonderful. The thing is, that it doesn´t leave us time to write too much. 

So about the skype call. We are planning between 6 and 7pm our time, so about 1 or 2pm your time. The thing is, there are four of us and we don´t want to bombard the family all at once. Plus, we want to meet each other´s families. 

I am still with Hermana Hill. She leaves next monday. We wanted to see how we were related through the leavitt line. If you can have the book with you tomorrow, I would appreciate it greatly. If, not, it´s not really important, just something fun to do. Her mom sent her part of her line and it looks like she is through Jeremiah and sara sturdevant leavitt and their son jeremiah and sarah shannon leavitt. 

Sadly, we never made it to Once, time ran out after doing internet, and we had to get home. One day I might go to Once. I don´t remember if I told you, but Hermana Renteria is in the same zone as me again. We just seem to follow each other. What´s more, her companion is Hermana Hermosa. It´s fun seeing them every once in a while.

We are still working with Yolanda. We had to drop every one else because they were not progressing, but we have faith that we will find those who are truly prepared by the Lord. Yolanda is struggling, because her sister is a little disabled and lives with her. After her parents died, her sister was her only support and introduced her to the bible. Her sister is completely against the church because she believes that hers is true and wants to protect her sister. She really does love Yolanda and we admire that. So right now, Yolanda is struggling with baptism, because she doesn´t want contention in the house and make sure that her sister is happy. We fasted with her today to help her receive the strength she needs and maybe even soften her sister´s heart to hear the gospel. We can still have a white christmas.

I can´t wait to tell you how the party was today. We did a white elephant again and I got a 3 musketeers bar. It was wonderful. Again, I can´t thank everyone enough for what they have sent me. Thank you Lindy and Family, Bishop Westphal, Breeanna, the visiting teachers of mom, randy and ann, the alveys, and my direct family. I appreciate everything that everyone has done. P-days recently have been very hectic so I have not been able to get personal letters out to everyone. I promise that I am trying really hard. I just wanted to let all of you know that I love you soooooo much.


Hermana Alvey

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