Thursday, November 3, 2011

funny devotional experience

Hola Mi Familia,
This week has been a fun one. We had another district leave and it was so sad.  They were our zone leaders and our coordinating sister. I definitely cried. Then next day, it rained, then stormed, then snowed, then rained again. It was a fun day. One of our teachers was riding his bike to the MTC and was hit by a car. He flew over the car, but luckily had his helmet on. Ironically, the driver was another teacher. He just walks into the classroom wanting to tell us this story right after it happened. Luckily we convinced him to finally promise to take some medicine when he got home. I love my teachers.
The Devotional on tuesday was great. The other person who was saying the opening prayer was so nervous. He even fasted the day of. I was so excited. The speaker was Elder and Sister Zwick of the Seventy. She spoke on the Holy Ghost and it's influence in our lives. She also spoke on how to recognize its promptings. I don't remember who said it, but how can we follow the shepherd when we do not know his voice. That is why we constantly strive to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and constantly read the scriptures.  The executive secretary came up to us before hand and talked to us about his mission to england. He baptized a couple after a lot of hard work. They had 10 children, 51 grandchildren and even more great-grandchildren. Just by his small act of baptizing one couple has blessed hundreds and eventually thousands. Nothing we do is small or insignificant and the Lord remembers us always.  Elder Zwick spoke on Testimony and prayer. Prayer is respectful and so we use respectful words. A testimony is not a prayer so we do not end it "in the name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, Amen." I was so happy that he said that. I like that he said that our opening with "Our Dear Heavenly Father" reminds us who He is, who we are, and our relationship to him. It kind of reminded me of the Young Women's Theme. I actually can't believe how many things remind me of the Young Women's Theme and about what I did and learned in Young Women's in general. The speaker this sunday during Relief Society was even the Young Women's General President.  Before I get into that, I wanted to tell you what happened during the devotional on tuesday. When the second counselor got up to announce the closing song and my name the audience started laughing. I had kind of zoned out that part so I didn't hear what he said, but my fellow missionaries turn to me and told me what he said. He had said "and Sister Jessica Alba..uh.. Alvey will give the closing prayer." I was so red. He and his wife turned to me when he sat back down and asked who Jessica Alba was. We just said she was an actress. Then after the meeting, the mission president turns to me and asks who she was as well. I gave the same answer; then he asked: "Oh, what kinds of movies is she in?" I just said: "Action and romance." What would you say if you had to explain to the mission president who Jessica Alba was?! It was a funny evening.
Any way, I only have four minutes left in the email so I won't be able to tell you about the sunday speakers right now. I'm glad to hear that things are being worked on and repaired at home. I know you always wanted to have that done. I know it's not easy, but you're right, it's worth it. I have really learned that. Oh, yes we have all gotten better and yes it is freezing here. I cannot thank you enough again for sending me the jacket. I really wish there was a way to keep warmer on my legs, but I can't so I will deal with it. I will talk to you all soon. I love you all veeeeeeeeeery much.
Hermana Jessica Alvey

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