Thursday, November 17, 2011

MTC time is amazing but coming to an end

First off, I'm sorry about Todd. He's having a rebellious streak and it's probably because he's upset and wants to tell you. He would do that to me a couple times. He should be over it in about another 2-3 weeks. I know you probably don't want to wait that long though. Just don't kill him please. ^_^
Well, you are right; this week has gone by very fast. We should be receving our plans sometime between tomorrow and tuesday. I hope we get them soon, but they won't give them to us if we have not received our visas. It's getting harder and harder to use english. Our new roommates wanted to say evening prayers with us and so we said them in english since its only their first day. Whiel my companion was praying I found it difficult to follow along. She even said afterward that it was hard to even say the prayer in english. I was waiting for "Querido Padre Celestial....En El Nombre de Jesucristo, Amen". It was very odd.  I did not write the dates on the back of the pictures because I could not remember them but it was exactly two weeks ago so that would have been Nov 3rd.
As far as the gloves are concerned, I brought my snow gloves from when we went to Colorado and they are water proff so we shall see how those treat me. Thank you, though.
The speaker last tuesday was Brother and Sister Gavarret of the Seventy. Sister Gavarret is a convert and is learning english so it was really nice to hear her speak. She reminded us to serve with all our hearts and to not be afraid because the Lord would be with us. Brother Gavarret spoke on many good things. First, he reminded us that our families would be taken care of and not to worry. We are the elite in the Lord's army and are about to go out into the frontlines. It was wonderful and he gave us many promises as missionaries.
Sister Linda Burton spoke to us during Relief Society. She reminded us of President Uchtdorf's talk during the General Relief Society meeting about Forget-Me-Not's. I loved that talk. She also told us to think of scriptures and hymns we can rely on in times of trouble. Rely on Christ and follow His example in times of adversity. She quoted a few times from the new book "Daughters in My Kingdom". Did you ever receive a copy of that? I wish I did. Everything I hear out of it sounds amazing.
 Brother Heaton was our speaker at the sunday fireside. He is the Administrative Director of the Provo MTC. I really like to listen to him speak and he pretty much did a sequel of his last talk last month about tithing. He reminded us that we need to help our investigators understand why tithing is important and what it really is. Tithing is not money, it's faith. I was reminded of what Joseph Smith said about how a religion that does not require anything of its people cannot ask for the faith necessary to accomplish miracles (or something like that).
This last tuesday we heard from Brother Tad R Callister of the Presidency of the Seventy. I really like listening to him as well. His wife gave some great advice about always having a smile and involving the members as much as we can in missionary work. Brother Callister helped us understand how important it was that our investigators understand the need and the importance of the Apostacy for the Restoration. He quoted so many different people throughout history including Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Luther. I love history. I really wish that I could tell you all that he spoke on but time is short and I could spend over an hour talking about what he talked about. It is definitely an amazing experience to listen to these speakers.
So many people have left from our zone and its sad, but I know that that is really the point of the MTC. It will be us soon as well. We taught a real investigator yesterday. In our workshop they asked us to teach some people who were applying as actors for the MTC for investigators. Some of them are not members, but are just actors applying for a job and we are pretty sure that our investigator was in that group. It was a big adrenaline rush. We had all of five minutes to really put a lesson together and we didn't even have our spanish scriptures with us. It was hard and we couldn't understand everything she said. I know I won't be ready for the field but I'm not as afraid anymore after that experience.
I also realized the truth of my teacher's statement even better. "Just because we know the Gospel in English doesn't mean we know it in Spanish." I am very familiar with my english scriptures. I know what is marked, what all the marks mean, all my bookmarks are familiar and I just know my scriptures like close friends. I have not made that relationship with my spanish scriputres yet, but I am working on it.
Well, my time is almost up. I hope all is going well. The house sounds like it's beautiful. I know that you are doing a wonderful job. Please send me pictures some time; not just of the house but of yourselves as well. I would love to see pictures of Thanksgiving and Christmas as well.
It's so good to hear from all of you. I love you so much. Talk to you soon. Don't forget that I get to call you when I'm at the airport. Next letter should tell you when and what time. *giant hug for all*

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